Beach Front Family + Air Conditioner

The air-conditioned family room is located within the resort gardens just a few metres from the beach and offers gorgeous views of the Andaman Sea and tall swaying coconut palms. Featuring two double beds, the room can comfortably accommodate four guests with plenty of space for luggage and personal items.

The bathroom has a covered outdoor shower with hot water and there is a balcony at the front for lounging and sunset views. The Beach Front Family room also includes a large beach mat and triangle cushion day beds for the verandah

Beach Front Family

With a prime position along the beach front, this inviting family room with fan offers direct access to the golden sand. The large mature trees just outside provide shade on the beach, allowing guests to laze the day away on what feels like their private piece of paradise. The location is superb to enjoy the sea breeze eliminating any need for air-conditioning. Inside there are two double beds sleeping up to four adults with mosquito nets included for night time protection.

The bathroom has open-air elements to enjoy the tropical surroundings and features a refreshing shower. To the side of the bungalow is a large balcony with triangle cushion daybeds to chill out and listen to the waves of the Andaman Sea. A large mat is also provided for comfortable bathing on the beach.